Let’s celebrate with cannabis!

Michigan is a state made for elevated celebrating!

With the passage of Michigan’s Prop 1, people in our great State are legally able to have cannabis-centric events.

Imagine your local vegetable, fruit, fish, hometown, or ethnic heritage festival with a cannabis consumption area. Imagine a music festival or motorcycle rally with the choice of cannabis or beer for attendees. Adding cannabis to your festival or event will bring in new audiences, welcome the cannabis curious, and attract media attention.

If you’ve ever wanted to host a large-scale expo, barn party, or beach bash with legal cannabis, you can do that—but as with everything cannabis in Michigan, there are rules. Lots of rules.

You’ll want to work with an experienced and licensed marijuana event organizer to make your marijuana event happen.

Roberta F. King, founder of Canna Communication holds an MEO license and has decades of experience in event planning. When citizens of Michigan voted for Prop 1, which legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, one aspect of the new law was the creation of temporary marijuana consumption events.

Any city, village, or township with an opt-in ordinance for recreational marijuana may also opt-in for temporary marijuana events. If a municipality has NOT specifically opted-out for events, you’ll need written permission from the municipality before you get started.

If you are interested in an event, check your community’s marijuana ordinance—because, without an ordinance, there is no event.

we have the checklists and plans to ensure your event is safe, successful, and fun!

According to Michigan law, a marijuana consumption event can be a one-day event, or it can last up to seven days. It can be part of an existing event or a new stand-alone event.

The licensing paperwork requires working with your local municipality—usually the fire marshall, planning department and police as well as a few dozen other essential details like vendors, admission and tickets, security, insurance, waste management, marketing, signage, parking, and notarized signature from the City, Township or Village Clerk. This signature might require a vote by your local commission.

Events can be sponsored by a cannabis business—like a provisioning center or grower or by an individual who has experience executing festivals or events—and honestly, it can be done without a licensed marijuana event organizer and because we like transparency, here are the rules. You can see that the State charges a steep fee if you’re working without an MEO. That’s why we’re here.

faqs on temporary Michigan marijuana events

can i have a marijuana event anywhere?

No, you can’t. To have an event, you need to be in a village, township, or city that has opted in for temporary marijuana events. The very first thing you need to do is check your local ordinance and see if you’re permitted to have an event. If the municipality’s ordinance allows an event, great! If not, you need to find a municipality that welcomes events.

can i have a marijuana event without an organizer?

Yes, you can DIY. You’ll need to go through the State’s application process and pay the associated fees, though.

do all events need a license?
You can host a private event in your own home, in your backyard or on private property where marijuana is not sold or money is not exchanged for marijuana or marijuana products. If you own a provisioning center or processor you’d need an event license.
how long does it take to get an event licensed?

The State application for a temporary marijuana event must be submitted at least 90 days before the event. We suggest adding another 45-60 days before to create the event plans and gather all of the required information and attestations that need to be submitted.

how can we get started?

If you’d like to work with Roberta on your upcoming marijuana event, you’ll need to schedule an initial consultation. The consultation is $75, and if you determine you want to move forward with your event and work with us, we’ll apply the $75 to your event fee.

how much do you charge for an event?

That depends on the number of days, the size of the crowd, the location, the complexity of your application, and how much work you’ll do vs. how much work we do for you. Each proposal is customized to the event and needs of the client.

meet roberta

Roberta F. King has a long and varied career in public relations—which involves significant event planning and organizing. Before opening Canna Communication in 2017 and her cannabis event business in 2020, she worked in communication leadership roles at Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Mercy Health, Grand Rapids Art Museum and Muskegon-Oceana chapter of the American Red Cross. Her work has won numerous awards from the West Michigan Public Relations Society of America and the Ad Federation of Grand Rapids.

When she’s not helping cannabis businesses with communication strategy or planning marijuana events she enjoys running, hiking, traveling by bicycle and cooking vegetables. In her very distant past, she was named Oceana County’s Mrs. Asparagus Runner Up in 1989.

beyond 420

A marijuana consumption event can be anything you dream it to be—a small, intimate gathering for people to try and test your new cannabis products to a music festival with live music and entertainment. Contact us and let us help you think about how a marijuana consumption event can build your brand, event, or business.